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About Us

All along the mountains and sea. The journey to where we are, is beautiful. The history of how we got here, is complex. Where we are going, is a story to share.

Vancouver Island, is a distinct form. We are geography. Upon Coast Salish, Nuu-chah-nulth and Kwakwaka'wakw traditional territories, we are a community of communities. Thank you elders for the values you teach. You inspire us to hold the desire to succeed everyday. To abandon the quest for sovereignty; to worship the golden rule; to appreciate the relationship between space and time; to observe, dream and participate; and to love, create and believe.

Design is people, aesthetic is the natural world, and our business aims to achieve a “living quality”. To connect a growing community to its menswear needs and wants. The process, open to question.

iain russellIain Russell
Iain is a modern storyteller. His job is to inspire others to engage with cultural capital. He works with ideas, materials and the creative process. The consumable content is both the result and the starting point. Where people convene and conversations gather, to discuss the past, today and future. In our globalized world, content travels further and faster than ever before. Accessed 24 hours, an action today can become international tomorrow. It is not just the ability to define a story, but to find a place in time and space where it is accessible and obtainable. Stories are our cultural currency. We are in a community where we want to relate ourselves with shared stories of experience. 


Jason Niles
Jason is an urban planner and systems strategist. With ten years of municipal planning and development expertise, he has experience working with elected officials, executive management and community development leaders. Jason studied Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Waterloo, and Strategic Leadership at the Blekinge Institute of Technology (Sweden).


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