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Is this Menswear? was founded in 2012 as a way to share design with the world via an Instagram account Is this Menswear?. As that progressed it furthered the development of Eng•lish Menswear. In early 2014 Jason and Iain came together over discussions about building a store from under the Is this Menswear? name. Our logo became a humming bird that was drawn on Jason's large chalkboard during our discussions. We worked with my father Cam Russell to transform a small office into a retail space. The retail store opened September 1st 2014. The sacrifices that came with running a retail store front were massive. Yet we still found ways to produce garments, host events, and keep the ship afloat. We reached a point in time when we saw that the retail operation was not sustainable. The retail location closed November 1st 2016. The Is this Menswear? online store still remains. Our goal is still to provide quality Canadian made garments. We will also work to continue hosting events in the city in support of local arts and culture.

Iain will continue to work in the world of commerces with Shopify & Jason will be again back focused on how to plan and sustain communities in Canada and around the world. And we will still continue to release products, and projects as part of our collective creative process.

Please feel free to get in touch with both or either of us here: