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Chris Savage X Is this Menswear?

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  • Chris Savage X Is this Menswear?

    Is this Menswear? Multi Panel sweatshirt. A simple sweatshirt designed to minimize manufacturing waste and maximize fabric usage. The inversion of panels, including a ¼ sleeve, do more than provide an interesting detail. The fabric is a cotton spandex that is generally used for the ribbed edges of items. This means that the same fabric that makes up the body also makes up the cuffs, hem, and collar. The manufacture is also told to make use of any and all fabric which leads to a variation of panels though out the small production runs. Made in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    Printed by Chris Savage in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Using a high grade digital fabric printer. 

  • 80% Cotton 20% Spandex washed cold. Never put in the dryer the heat causes extreme damage. Lay flay to dry, reshape while damn. If you want your sweatshirt to fit a little slimmer try a wash in a warm, or hot cycle, and reshape while damp. This fabric is extremely responsive while damp. Wash inside out.