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Dintex Tote Bags - Process

Dintex Tote Bags - Made in-store by Iain Russell. 

We had Dintex left over, and it was a must to have it put to good use. Being a nice fabric to work with, and after destroying my fair share of canvas totes, I knew it would be great for simple all-season bags. 

Learning from constructing the Musette's, I experienced the limitations to sewing straps with a non-industrial machine. So now I am using a combination of ¾" or 1" nylon webbing. Also, I found limiting the size of the bag serves the purpose of reducing the maximum load the user can place in the bag; resulting in less stress to the strap and to the user's shoulder and back. 

Dintex is a water resistance/ wind resistance fabric. The wool, navy, and black fabrics are lined with fleece; the denim is lined with a membrane that contains the protective layer. Yellow thread was used through out the process, adding contrast to the darker colouring, and also indicating these bags were constructed from late July '15 to early August '15. In total, thirteen (13) bags were made in this "Yellow Thread" edition.

View the collection online (here) or in-store. 

Custom bags can be ordered via email or in-store appointment.