Is this Menswear?

Is this Menswear? 2014

2014 was a wild year. From showing Eng•lish Menswear in Freedom Hall, as part of Liberty Fairs, to the establishment of Is this Menswear? into the concrete retail world. As my hair grew, so did I. Moving from the safe pond to the unpredictable ocean; turning away from working for others to working with others. So much success is driven by the people who have been there for me. My business partners Dave, and Jason, my close friends, the staff of Habit Coffee, my family, and the greater community . As I gaze forward into 2015, I see Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. I see myself with the opportunity to continue to live my dream. To design, source, and provide clothing to a beautiful community. Continuing to build a network of individuals who hold understanding to the value of a community-based product and process. Thank you to everyone who has helped me search for the answer to a simple question - Is this Menswear?