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Drawing of the Year

Earlier today, the Danish Arts Council and the Aarhus School of Architecture announced this year's "Drawing of the Year". Drawings were submitted from around the world that inspired, communicated and engaged the question of "Transformation Through Architecture". The School received a total of 185 contributions from 32 countries. My personal favourites include Giraud's abstracted urban plan in addition to Callenberg's classic sketch. 
1st prize: Olga Krukovskaya, Russia
Pam Madoff was on this project. Conserving heritage is kind of like plastic surgery. Lift and tuck.
2nd prize: Leonard Schrage, Germany
The Burnaby Mountain protest crowd has taken to the sea and are shipping large BC buds to their next basecamp. Kitimat watch out.  
3rd prize: Julie Giraud, France 
I think this city is balding. I am balding too. It's not fun.
Special mention: Adrian Cartron, France
A big star drops a ball upon a barren landscape and L.A. is suddenly birthed. Jesus.
Special mention: Amelia Hunter, Denmark
Iain will be happy to see that Work Safe BC is onsite to ensure construction is going smoothly. Days without injury = 0 
Special mention: Naima Callenberg, Denmark
The future residential density planned for the District of Oak Bay, Vancouver Island.
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