Is this Menswear?


Reflecting on life and the process of fashion. 

I don't remember when or why I started to love fashion. I do remember starting to share the daily images of what I was wearing. It was for a girl. As it progressed it became something more. It was my way to speak all the words I wish I could say. It is the view of myself that is deep inside. The process allows reflection from day to day, season to season, year to year. When I look back I see and feel the emotion that was held in those times. It acts as a journal for my ideas, hopes, and dreams. It has always been something that has kept me going. It acts as a constant in a world of change and stress. I have always been a fairly private person, while at the same time sharing more of myself than most would. I have always hoped that it would connect me to a greater world. Which in many regards it has. It also has turned into the way I feel most comfortable expressing myself. This is my canvas, this is my song, this is my story. 

- Iain 

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