Is this Menswear?

Act I Scene V

Profile: Brian McClary  

Business Name: Arva Grain Corp.

Industry: Agriculture, Freight Shipping and Transport

Location: Arva, Ontario (London, Ontario)

Season: FW’14

Brian understands product and process, for every season, crop and shipping route. He and his family, run a company outside of London, Ontario that specializes in systems thinking. Originally a dairy farm, the 4th generation family business has transformed into a successful multi-service farming operation. In short, they grow food for you.

Farmed Crops: corn, soybean, wheat. 

Grain Services: Drying, Storage, Buy/Sell 

Freight/Shipping: Agri by-products from corn, beans, wheat and canola

Trucking Routes: Ontario, Upper New York, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois  

Is this Menswear? caught Brian in the middle of the ’14 harvest season and modelled him in a few pieces from Eng-lish Menswear’s FW’14 collection. Corn was two weeks behind because of a cool, wet summer in SW Ontario. All shots were taken onsite at Arva Grain.

Remember, thank a Farmer.