Is this Menswear?

1014 Meares Street: Serial Vision

How you get to 1014 Meares Street, is a trip. There is a 100% guarantee your route will be a combination of great architecture, streetscapes and green spaces.

The first question people usually ask me about the store, is the location. I respond often by using neighbouring businesses, landmarks, and nearby intersections in order to form relationship of A to B. Spatial awareness and mental mapping is different for everyone. There is a difference in spatial intelligence and ability between men and women, but I will save that for a later blog post. Exploring spaces and the way we use maps is rapidly changing. Folded maps with grids and indexes (A-4, C-6, D-E); daring a companion to ask a stranger for directions; or staring at the big red "You are Here" dot, are all becoming customs of the past.  

With a 97 WalkScore, our store is part of a community where being a pedestrian is an enjoyable mode of mobility. Since opening two weeks ago, approximately 60% of our customers have arrived by bike! Being on a designated cycling route, we are excited to help the city achieve the objective of prioritizing walkability and cycling over other modes of mobility. 

People are navigating environments in a new manner. With nearly half of all Canadians having a smartphone equipped with GPS, a two-way relationship is occurring simultaneously. Users are accessing data for their own needs as well as crowdsourcing data-sets to be used at a later time. This reaches beyond pipes and pavement. Recently, Google Earth Outreach recently hosted a workshop at UVic with Indigenous organizations from around BC to attach cultural knowledge to the land via mapping practices. Raleigh Seamster, Outreach Programmer states "People have a kind of geo-literacy with Google Earth . . . It helps speak a common language to explain complex issues.”

The image on the front of the Postcard I designed might help you locate Is this Menswear? or at the least, inspire you to go for a walk in the city. Send us an email with your address to info@isthismenwear and we will snail mail you a Postcard.

By the way, we hope to have a bike parking soon! 


Source: GoogleMap


Source: City of Victoria, OCP Section 7: Transportation and Mobility


Is this Menswear 4x6 Postcard, 2014