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Netherlands Centennial Carillon

The Netherlands Centennial Carillon was a gift from British
Columbia’s Dutch community to honour Canada’s 100th birthday
in 1967. It is housed at the top of the tower, which stands
27 metres (90 feet) tall. This carillon, the largest in
Canada, has 62 bells. To play, a musician has to climb the
75 steps of the spiral staircase and then a 10-step ladder
to sit at the clavier. There, the carilloneur depresses the
clavier’s keys and pedals to sound the bells and play a
The pitches of several bells commemorate specific events: D
celebrates the founding of the Colony of Vancouver Island in
1849, E the founding British Columbia as a colony in 1858,
and F-sharp their union in 1866; F rings for the Confedera-
tion of Canada in 1867 and G-sharp for British Columbia’s
1871 entry into the Confederation; and G remembers Canadian
soldiers who gave their lives for the liberation of the
Netherlands, 1940-45.
You will hear the carillon playing automated seasonal themes
throughout the Inner Harbor area on the hour between 10 am
and 5 pm from October to February and between 10 am and 8 pm
from March to September.
Rosemary Laing, Provincial Carilloneur, plays live concerts
Sundays from June until the end of August. Bring a picnic
and come and sit in the Native Plant Garden to best enjoy
the beautiful music. Rosemary also plays as part of Symphony
Splash and for the annual Legislative Christmas Light Up
The main themes for the automated tunes are:
• Classical and Movies – January, February, March
• Spring and Love – April, May, June
• Flowers and Folk Music – July, August
• Winter and Water – September, October, November
• Festive Holiday – December