Is this Menswear?

Shop Signage

The decision to create a light box sign seemed like a simple yet brilliant answer. The question then became what do we pick as our first sign. Of the thousand things that cross my desk during this time of creation I have seen and brainstormed hundreds of ideas. Nothing in our construction process has taken this long to decide. As a business we are not looking to have logos or imagery that become stuck in their place in time. We build community through means of process and product. There is a certain fluidity within the worlds of fashion, design, and planning. To hold the tools that enable inspiration and progress within the community. When we gather together what stories do we share. How can we enable our community to be champions. How can we help clear the clutter that has now become common place on our city streets. In a world dominated by automobiles how can we bring the simple joys back to street. Our location isn't that easy to find. But like the explores that our neighbourhood streets take their names. You to will set out for a place, create your own story. One of the simplest joys in life is finding your own way. Our daily explorations become starting points for community. As we are aided by electronic devices we can know the route and share the journey. But addresses, grid references, and coordinates are systems built for spaces yet explored. It is the way we share directions thats special. Using landmarks both man made, and natural, its how our eyes see the journey. Creating a space brings a responsibility to inspire a community. From the neighbours we see daily, to people who are visiting, and most importantly for the people who doubt there own ideas and dreams. Our sign is a reflection of Is this Menswear? the process that has been bringing a dream to reality. And throughout the brainstorming of sign concepts we came back to a moment of simple clarity.