Is this Menswear?

Inspiration - Bruce William Ross

Bruce is a Victoria local, I first met Bruce at Habit Coffee. Coming from an extensive career in the Canadian film industry Bruce is the silver lining of life. Fighting off pain to bring joy and inspiration into our lives. The doctors aren't sure what is the root cause. But we don’t spend much time talking about what ifs. Bruce and I have a simple routine its never planned but it is always special. We run into each other at Habit we chat, we joke, we cause a scene, we then smoke outside, then I walk with Bruce back to his place. These three blocks of downtown are privy to some of the most beautiful moments in my memory. There is a bench that overlooks the gates of chinatown and is a mid point rest stop. Rain or shine we sit on this bench. Even now writing this the emotion of these moments fills me. Our conversations are generally about happiness. Me complaining that whichever women of the time doesn't love me. All the while the true love of life is sitting their with your friend sharing these moments. Bruce is fighting to make each and ever step. You would imagine that he would relent and hide, as it is in our human nature to do. But no. He fights on, he is still in the cafe, he still brings joy into our lives. What inspires us. Why do I do everything I do. Really I just want to be sitting on that bench with my friend with another story of a dream.


 The Gate of Harmonious Interest aka the view from the bench.