Is this Menswear?

Eng•lish Multi-Panel Sweatshirt

A simple sweatshirt designed to minimize manufacturing waste and maximize fabric use. Inversion of panels include a ¼ sleeve break. Fabric is a cotton spandex used for the ribbed edges. Meaning the same fabric that makes up the body, also makes up the cuffs, hem, and collar. The Vancouver-based manufacturer is encouraged to use off-cuts which leads to a variation of panels through-out the small production runs. No two sweatshirts are exactly the same. The fit is easy and comfortable. It is your friend in the cool mornings, evenings and days off. It likes walks though the city, or on the beach. Prefers to be washed cold and never wants to be put in the dryer. Would rather just lay flat to dry. This fabric is extremely responsive while damp. If you want your sweatshirt to fit a little slimmer, try a wash in a warm, or hot cycle, and reshape while damp. It is also my dad's favourite “dress sweatshirt."